Nesting Stainless Steel Measuring Cups, Set of 4

Love those professional kitchen utensils you see on TV cooking shows? Here's your chance to own some of your own: our complete set of measuring cup, crafted of commercial-grade stainless steel & available at a sensible price.

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the product

All 4 measuring utensils are permanently engraved with precise US measurements... along with liquid equivalents & metric conversions (milliliters). So, any cook from Toledo to Timbuktu can easily use them to measure anything, wet or dry.
Built to Last a Lifetime.

Mirror polished finish
rugged, riveted handles
Engraved measurements conversion
18/8 Stainless steel

The Benefits

KUFL aims to provide high quality innovative and contemporary solutions for your home. We want to provide you with 100% satisfaction with our utensils... for life.

Premium-Grade Stainless Steel

Just like the measuring cups used by professional chefs

No Rust

Polished for gleaming shine, your new measuring cups resist rust & corrosion

Crafted for Keeps

Relax. These measuring utensils are built to last, with rugged, riveted handles

Four sizes

Four size are included (1Cup, 1/2Cup, 1/3Cup and 1/4Cup)

Easy to Use

Each handle is engraved with the exact US measurement + liquid & metric equivalents

Easy to Clean

Just pop them in the dishwasher or wash by hand with warm, sudsy water

Want to cook like a pro?

Stocking your kitchen with the right utensils is essential for quality product preparation. These Professional-grade tools will perfectly suite for your kitchen.

No stress, no mess.

KUFL Measuring Cups will make everyone a better baker as it's easier, quicker and cleaner to use it.

Make a step towards amazing cooking experience.

Precision comes first in baking, prepping spice blends, etc. where proportion is really critical. KUFL Measuring Cups will be a great help to you!

It's not a buying, it's an investment!

Treat yourself to these wonderful KUFL Measuring Cups you will love. Our Kitchen Utensils will make your life far easier and will last a lifetime. You are exactly on the right spot. Scroll down to start cooking like a pro at home with KUFL Measuring Cups!

Measuring Cups

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups: Nesting, Stackable Set of 4 Cups. Sturdy, Stunning & Simple to Use. Your KUFL measuring cup set can withstand constant use thanks to:


Don’t take our word. See what our customers says about the product. We have got over 1000s of positive reviews.

I decided to invest in a good set of measuring cups, and I'm really glad I did. I finally upgraded from plastic ones and find these are more accurate measuring tools. This set is the best measuring cup set I've ever owned and ever want to own in the future.
Kelly J.

I've wanted stainless steel measuring cups for a while as I cook and bake on a daily basis. This set is heavy, well-made, balanced and has a flat bottom that will not tip. The measurement conversiuons are etched and won't fade over time. These measuring cups will last a lifetime! Brenda H.

These KUFL measuring cups are perfect in every aspect. I've been cooking for 20 years and I wish I had owned them that long ago because they would have been the only set I would have ever needed and they would have lasted another 100 years! I'm seriously handing them down to my children! Mark W.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask on our Amazon listing and we'll all be happy to help you out.

Are the measurements engraved or printed?

The measurements are laser engraved on the tops of the handles. Also has the measurements in milliliters and ounces.

Do these rust when washed in the dishwasher?

No, they don't. They will stay in perfect condition even you'll wash them regularly. Built to last.

Do these sit balanced when empty or tip over?

Yes, absolutely. All 4 of them definitely sit balanced on the counter. They are weighted and substantial enough to be balanced when empty.

Are they suitable for hanging from a magnetic strip?

No, they are not magnetic. They are made from 18/8 Stainless Steel. Just remove the chain that keeps them together and they stack nicely in a drawer or cabinet.

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Also you can buy your KUFL's measuring cups directly through website at full price, no discount. Just click the blue button below.

BUY FOR 25.99$

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